I was first licensed as a Novice , WN3ZER in March 1975. In March of 1976 after 24 week delay the FCC mailed me my General license and new call WA3ZER. I finally decided to upgrade to Advanced in 1982. After a few years of studying and finally getting over the 20 wpm code speed barrier I passed my extra in 1992. In 1995 when the FCC opened the vanity program I became N3WD.

DXCC Card Checker

I am an ARRL DXCC card checker and can check cards for the ARRL WAS, VUCC, and DXCC awards along with WAC. I CAN check 160 meter cards for DXCC. Please contact me by e-mailing at the e-mail address below. For more information on the ARRL awards please click visit the ARRL

ARRL 3rd Call Area Incoming Bureau

I am currently the “D” sorter for the ARRL 3rd Call Area incoming QSL bureau. If your call has a 3 in it regardless of where you live and the first letter after the 3 is “D”, I am your sorter. I currently accept 6 X 9 envelopes with either 1 or 2 forever stamps. I will also accept cash accounts. For more information on the ARRL 3rd Call Area Bureau please visit the bureau.

N3WD’s 3905 CCN Awards